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August 2007

A Number of Fixes | 22.08.2007, 21:40 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

I can finally announce that all of the games on this site have been fixed.
In addition to this sudden change of events, Internet Security Mission 6 has also been
fixed after quite a while of being down.

Thank you.

Updates | 09.08.2007, 21:45 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

Today the 'Send me a Message!' form was updated, so that it features some smooth
movements. The main reason for this feature was to help limit/reduce spam that was
being sent.

Some other small updates were also incorporated into the website, improving overall
user accessibility.

New News | 05.08.2007, 11:31 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

After several months of inactivity, this site finally has some new news!

Firstly, I would like to announce that the 'Send me a Message' form is finally back up,
and has been working flawlessly for a few weeks now.

I am also pleased to announce the newest feature of the AQ MaSteRZ website: Mess2Web.

Mess2Web is a service that allows you to create a 'status' image, which displays your
Windows Live Messenger nickname, personal message, status and display picture.

You can find more info about it here.

That's all the news for now, so until next time... farewell.