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Last Updated: 05.02.2006, 16:03 | Posted by: DarK AQ

Welcome to the Mess Page! This a page that contains random, useless stuff.
This was created in the FreeWebs days, when AQ MaSteRZ was bound by a 50 file limit.

If you want, you can try to find all the pranks! (There aren't much..)
Thank you.

NOTE: The "Click here to make AQ MaSteRZ your homepage!" button doesn't
actually do that on this page. So please don't hesitate to click on it.

»» All Current MessPage Pranks and Secrets ««
»» Last Updated: 05.02.2006, 16:13 -- Posted by: DarK AQ ««

All the current MessPage pranks and secrets are as follows:

1. Fake "Click here to make AQ MaSteRZ your homepage" button
2. Most links open in a new window, others don't work properly
3. Page refreshes every 5 minutes
4. The "Leave AQMZ" button doesn't let you leave
5. There is hidden text here
7. The "Admin Login" is the only correct way to exit this page
(there are other ways to exit, but using them is cheating)