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December 2005

New Features | 29.12.2005, 11:56 -- Author: DarK AQ

    The new year is approaching so I've decided to release two new features very soon.

    The first is that the JavaScript Security game is almost complete. Unfortunately,
    it's release had to be postponed because the second new feature that is
    about to be released.

    The second new feature is the official AQ MaSteRZ forum.
    It's currently in BETA status, but it is available for testing online.

    The link to the forum is http://darkaq.byethost3.com/phpBB2/
    EDIT: Sorry, typo. The link should work now.

Merry Christmas! | 25.12.2005, 10:32 -- Author: DarK AQ

    It's Christmas!......well in Australia it is.
    I've decided that as a Christmas present, I'm going to update aqmasterz.here.ws
    and make it link to darkaq.byethost3.com !
    I've also decided to stop updating the FreeWebs version of AQ MaSteRZ....
    so, this is probably going to be the last post there.

    Well, that's all! Merry Christmas everyone!

New Site Complete | 23.12.2005, 14:50 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Merry Christmas everyone!......well in 2 days.
    It's almost Christmas and I hope that everyone has a fun and safe one!

    Anyways, back to the point...
    I have finally finished updating the new website! It has been a lot of work,
    but it's complete.

    The URL for the new site is: http://darkaq.byethost3.com

New Site News | 22.12.2005, 15:09 -- Author: DarK AQ

    After many hours of editing, updating and adding, I can finally announce that
    I have almost finished updating the new website!

    The link to the new site will be ******.byethost3.com, and aqmasterz.here.ws
    after a while. I'll post the full link soon.

    On an unrelated note, I have become a Windows Live Messenger Beta Tester!
    Windows Live Messenger is the newest version of MSN Messenger. There is no
    MSN Messenger 8; it is now known as Windows Live Messenger.

New Site | 19.12.2005, 14:52 -- Author: DarK AQ

    I have finally found a good web hosting service that allows you to have more
    than 50 files. The service is called Byethost.
    The new site will be exactly like this one, except all the files will be on the
    same account. There will also be more files.

    I will post the link to the new website as soon as I finish updating it.

Small Updates | 08.12.2005, 15:33 -- Author: DarK AQ

    I just made small updates..I added page loading time to each page and
    I updated the secret page and made it easier to find.

    On an unrelated note...
    Yay! I watched Harry Potter! It was alright...they skipped a lot of scenes but
    at least it was better than than the three harry Potter movies before it!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire | 01.12.2005, 16:53 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Yay! Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released in Australia today!
    Finally, after months of waiting, I will go and watch it...
    Hmm....I'm actually going in about 2 hours...better get ready....
    Actually sorry, my bad....1 hour....Bye!