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February 2006

JavaScript Game Updated | 18.02.2006, 10:02 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

The new version of the JavaScript Security Game has been released.
There is now a story to the game and many bugs have been fixed.

Unfortunately, the last page is yet to be completed.

Web2Messenger Form Fixed | 10.02.2006, 18:29 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

The Web2Messenger form, aka "Send me a Messenger!" form, has been fixed.
You should be referred to the correct page now.
Also, the text in the text area should now appear in black.

JavaScript Game Fixed | 10.02.2006, 18:04 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

There were previously some errors in the JavaScript Security Game.
They should now be fixed.

AQ MaSteRZ V4 Released | 09.02.2006, 18:46 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

Version 4 of the AQ MaSteRZ website has finally been released!
But unfortunately, for a few days, some pages will be broken.
Sorry for any problems caused.

AQ MaSteRZ V4 | 04.02.2006, 13:16 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

Recently, work on the fourth version of AQ MaSteRZ began. Today, the first page of the
brand new design has been completed.

Games + Updates | 01.02.2006, 17:41 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

The administration section has finally been completed!
Now you can all go and try and get it, and add yourselves to the admin list.

Also, three new games have been added to the games list. They are:
Monkey Lander, StickRPG Combat System Demo, and War on Terrorism.

Unfortunately, the some or all of the games from NCBuy.com currently cannot be played.
This is because the licence file for the game(s) needs to be updated.

That is all.