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January 2006

Major Updates, and Stuff | 28.01.2006, 10:45 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Today, Version 3.2 of the AQ MaSteRZ website has been released.
    Just for the record, Version 1 was when AQ MaSteRZ began, but it was titled:
    "Mini World - A place with different things!" ... or something like that.

    AQ MaSteRZ V2 was a site remake, and was when the news began to be recorded.

    And AQ MaSteRZ V3 is the current template. It was changed to V3.1 when
    I moved it from FreeWebs to ByetHost.

    The changes in V3.2 are that most of the pages are now in PHP.
    Also, a new admin section is about to be released. If you want you can try and get in.
    There is a page there that lets you add admins, if you get there you can
    add yourself =).

JavaScript Security Game | 06.01.2006, 11:29 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Today's annoucement is that the JavaScript Security game has been completed,
    and that it has finally been released.

    The JavaScript Security game consists of ten levels in which you have to
    somehow obtain the password for the level in order to advance.

    Good luck and have fun (the levels are pretty easy).

Happy New Year! | 01.01.2006, 10:37 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Happy New Year everyone! It's finally 2006. and we're one step closer to 2007.

    I have decided to release the AQ MaSteRZ forums today! But unfortunately,
    they won't be fully accessible for a few more days or so.

    And the JavaScript game is also one step closer to being completed.
    Yesterday, Level 6 of the game was finished. That's all!