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March 2006

New Page Released | 24.03.2006, 19:14 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

The new Internet Security page has been officially released, along with the
Members Section.

AQ MaSteRZ Members Section Complete | 18.03.2006, 16:05 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

The AQ MaSteRZ section has been completed.
It will be released very soon; right after the Internet Security section has been completed.

AQ MaSteRZ Members Section | 11.03.2006, 10:17 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

A new section of AQ MaSteRZ is currently being built.
It is the Members Section. It is expected to be completed soon.

Also, work on a new feature called Internet Security will begin soon.

More news will be available soon.

Security Updates | 01.03.2006, 18:22 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

Lately, some pages were being security checked.
Some major security holes were found, and they were fixed.

AQ MaSteRZ also askes that you kindly report any security holes that you find.

Thank you.