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November 2005

Many Updates... | 21.11.2005, 17:30 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Phew, that was tiring...I validated every page using the World Wide Web
    Consortium HTML Validator, and I also used their CSS Validator, but I couldn't
    understand what the results were. I think I passed, but I got a few warnings...

    Anyway, there were many errors in the HTML and after several hours, I finally
    managed to fix them all! So now none of the pages have any errors on them.

Page Fixes... | 16.11.2005, 17:47 -- Author: DarK AQ

    So far, the error on the secret page has been fixed. Also, the error on the main
    page has been partially fixed.

Fixes Soon... | 14.11.2005, 19:17 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Okay...I found an error that makes the front page reload for no good reason.
    Maybe it's only happening to me, but it's really annoying, so I'll try and fix it soon.

    There is also an error on the secret page that has been around for some time.
    I'll try and find a solution to the problems soon.

    EDIT: Okay, I've also realised that FreeWebs doesn't allow advertisements/banners
    or something anymore, because all my advertisements/banners have disappeared.
    And the code on my web pages has changed.
    So, there won't be anymore advertisements for a while.

    Sorry, my bad...the ads actually do work.

New Feature | 11.11.2005, 19:20 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Okay, I finished fixing the new scroll bar, and I have added it to every page.
    I've also updated some small things on each page.

Update Soon... | 10.11.2005, 19:57 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Soon I will add the new update to this website...the scroll bar. But first I
    need to make it up-to-date....

Blog? | 07.11.2005, 17:30 -- Author: DarK AQ

    Since there is currently nothing for me to update, there's not much to post about.
    So I've decided to also make my website a mini blog place.

    Well, today was an okay day, so soon I will go and play Counter-Strike 1.6.
    I want to get CS Source but I can't right now =(
    So I'll just play 1.6.