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October 2005

Updates | 23.10.2005, 16:42 -- Author: DarK AQ

    I added a webpage views tracking thing, and I'm currently updating the secret
    new page...it broke for some reason.
    I also updated some other things but I can't remember what they were.

    UPDATE: The secret webpage has been fixed.

*New/Secret Page* Update | 14.10.2005, 19:22 -- Author: DarK AQ

    I edited the new *secret* page, and made it so that it is only accessible from
    the proper access page. (Check near the disclaimer)

Site Update | 10.10.2005, 17:52 -- Author: DarK AQ

    I removed the PayPal button, because it stopped working, and I also added
    a new page! Try and find it if you want! (Hint: Check near the disclaimer)

Cursor Update | 01.10.2005, 11:15 -- Author: DarK AQ

    I updated the cursor settings in style.css, and made the cursor easier to load.

Updates & New Features | 01.10.2005, 8:42 -- Author: DarK AQ

    This time I have added a new feature - a cursor! Now the cursor on this website
    is not the default one that is used.
    I also added a clock and calendar, which means that the old clock has been
    One more thing. I have made some other changes as well, such as adding new
    scripts. If you want to see them, search the site!