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Welcome | 15.02.2006, 16:22 -- Posted by: DarK AQ

Welcome to the JavaScript Security Challenge.

Discover your Internet intelligence throughout a 11 level course where various scenarios
will challenge your knowlegde of the Internet and its contents/components.
Embark on a journey with Ken, a forgetful man recently employed:
'Head Manager of Security' to the National Bank of California.

The bank's main vault contains $1,000,000 (i.e one million) in credit, and only
1% (i.e $10,000) of this amount is available in cash.

Gain access to the vault and steal the money by completing all the levels.
See if you can beat Ken and Roger's security skills by solving the accidental clues
they have left.

Good luck.

To begin, click here to enter JS Level 1.